For a cost estimate, specifications including the desired dimensions, page number estimate, number of books to be printed, use of illustrations, color, etc. will be needed.
An estimate for design, layout and liaison with printer will then be submitted. (A separate estimate for illustration services in b&w or color, copy editing and editorial services can be obtained upon request.)

( A non-refundable $50 deposit for estimates, should be included with your information, and will be credited toward your account when you go forward with production.)

Printing estimates from a quality printer will be generated at this point and submitted to you.

If costs and deadlines are acceptable a book development agreement is signed and returned with a nonrefundable retainer of $250.00. This fee will also be credited toward the final layout and design fees.

The final copy-edited manuscript in a Microsoft word (PC or Mac) file, either via email or burned on a CD is provided at this stage.

Copy-edited means the book is absolutely complete; editing is done, typos are corrected, etc. Make sure you are ready for this! Small typographic corrections require no additional fee but extensive editing and re-writes will incur substantial upcharges.

Illustrations or photos should be supplied with the manuscript. They should be provided as tiffs at 300dpi resolution minimum burned on a CD or flash drive. Scanning of hard copy images is $20 each. Photoshop repair of photos or illustrations is $75.00/hour.

Once final materials are received layout and design sample pages for your approval will be created. Upon approval, the layout is finalized.

ISBN and Library of Congress information will be provided for you for your copyright page.

The first-draft of the completed layout will be sent for you to proof. Naturally, at this point, minor changes may be required. There is no additional charge for this. For extensive content corrections requiring layout changes, however, an additional $15 per page will be charged.

When final layout is approved, your book is delivered to the printer. The balance of fees are due at this time. Proofs from the printer are suppled to both author and designer for final approval.

Books are shipped to you directly from printer.

The cost for the design and layout of each project is generally $15.00 per page for books of 75 or more pages. For books with a multitude of photographs, illustrations and callouts on every page, the fee will be higher and will be reflected in your estimate. (Please note that these charges do not include cover design.)
Cover design and layout ranges from $500.

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